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Artist Statement


My artwork knows more than me.


The paintings in my recent collection often depict fictional people, objects, or settings that indirectly reference moments from my youth and family relationships, which helps me understand and resolve past experiences. The complexity of color stresses intense emotionality and saturates the painted scenes, figures, and expressions with nostalgia. Combined with the mottled pigmentation from my palette and material exploration, the content produces a textured and splotchy recreation of my memory, which reveals the psychological state of the moment.


I draw philosophical influences from Tibetan Buddhism to exemplify the universal benefit in following a path of discovery towards one’s authentic being. The expressions of the figures within the frame follow happy moments of calm, humor and love, as well as dark moments of attachment, aversion, and ignorance—or the three poisons of Tibetan Buddhism. By investigating my emotional reactions, I can learn to live a more compassionate life.

Artist Bio


Julia (Jules) Briggs is a Cleveland, Ohio based artist with a studio in Lakewood's Screw Factory. She holds an MA in Philosophy & The Arts from University of Warwick, England and a BA in Studio Art from DePauw University, Indiana.


Following her undergraduate career, Jules worked for two years as a bronze foundry artist in a small Buddhist monastic community in Northern California. Her countless life-size and miniature sculptures contributed to the revitalization of Tibetan art and have been donated to monasteries in India and East Asia. 


Jules' personal paintings and sculptures have appeared in galleries both nationally and internationally including 6 Spin Street Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa, Carlisle Arts & Learning Center in Carlisle, PA, and Morpho Gallery in Chicago, IL, to name a few.  She has created graphics for non-profit arts organizations and podcasts, appeared on artist jury panels, and is a freelance portrait painter.


Jules likes walking to Lake Erie from her home in Gordon Square Arts District of Cleveland and reading fantasy fiction novels in her free time.

Instagram @jewelsbriggs

14. Julia Briggs, Women, 2016, Acrylic then Oil on Canvas, 5.5' by 4' feet.jpg
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